Yin Yoga

Yin yoga is slow form of yoga and a great way to release tension. By staying in the poses for several minutes we reach the connective tissue and fascia throughout the body. Instead of training the muscles to become stronger, we try to relax our muscles as much as possible. By doing so we reach the deeper layers in our body, the connective tissue . Stretching and compressing makes it more flexible.
Yin yoga helps to create a moment of silence and to turn inwards. It’s a check in with yourself. Every pose is a mini meditation. Through Yin yoga you create space and welcome whatever arises in body and mind. People often think that you need to be flexible and spiritual to do yoga. We think yoga is for eveyone. Specially Yin yoga isn’t about what the pose looks like or how deep you can bend.
We help you to find the right stretch and target suitable for you.